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The following people and organizations have contributed to TampaRep in 2020 and beyond. Please consider adding your name to this list today!

Last updated 1.17.22
If we’ve missed you, please email info@tamparep.org

Bonnie Agan
Gaylee Amend
Judith Anderson
Sue August
Hayden Baker
Jack & Joan Battey – We so appreciate your providing this performance in the midst of the pandemic. Thank you all!
Harrison Baxley
Derek Baxter
Jennifer Beck
Carmen Bell
Elise Belluccia
Emily Belvo
Jean Berg
isabel bertram
Tiberius Black
Ron Boyar
Rick Breedlove
Andy Broden
Cassidy Brooks-Bowling
Newt Brophy
Thomas Brown
Angela Brown
Robert & Sandy Buckley
Timothy John Burke
Brad Casey
Helen Cespedes & William Gressman
Colleen Cherry
Courtney Claar
Marianne Colbeck
Kirk Collins
Barbara Craig
Nanette Crist
Kim Crow
Mary Kay Cyrus
Frank W Danielson
Susana Darwin
Michele De Lucca-Lowrey
Thandiwe DeShazor & Tony L. Burks – Great job everyone. A big fan of L. Peter Callender and Enoch King. Greetings from Atlanta!
Elyse Dolan
Jeron Dooling
Patti Dubose
Matt & Caitlin Eason – In loving memory of C. David Frankel
Justin Fahringer
Donald Fail

Stuart Fail
Roxanne Fay
Evan Fineout
Ruel Forbes
Barnett Frankel
Marsha Frankel
Vanessa Frankel
Kotani, Freydberg – Break a leg!!!
Vivian Friend
Marie Gabrielle
Dana Johnson Galvin
Claudia Gamba
Johnny Garde
Julie Garisto
Jane Russell Geddings
Jaime Giangrande-Holcom
Jillian Glass MD
Laura Goering
Liz Gordon
Amy Gray
Leonardo Green
Bill Gregg – IMO David Frankel
Dotti Groover-Skipper
Mary Haberland
Bryan Haihe
Joel Haker
Douglas Hall
Briget Hart
Barbara Heineken
Randi Hilleso
Alina Hoop
Sharon Hurley
Miriam & John Innocenti
Leonard Jackson
Arlene Jacobs
David Jenkins
Rob Jennings
Sarajane Johnson – Thank you!
Bob Devin Jones
Meghan Joseph – To support Michelle
Sheeba Kaitare
Amber Karlins
Matia Karrell
Lee Kasner
Joan Kilpatrick
Thomas Koven – Thank you for a wonderful show.
Tom Kramer
Cameron Kubly – Thank you for keeping local theatre alive during this trying time.

Maurice Kurtz
William Leavengood
Susan Lightman
Jason Louder
Lee Manwaring Lowry
Melanie Mainwaring
Becca Mccoy
April McDonald
Lauren McFadden
Andrew Meacham
Melissa Misener
Network for Good
Jan Neuberger – Glad to see this play again. Well cast and well directed; well done, Tampa Rep.
Nick Noelte
Jack Henry Nouss
Wilma J. Oler
kathy oller
Caroline O’Neill
Betty Jane Parks
Joseph Parra
Lori Pate
Dap Paxton
Ngoc Pham
Denise Pironti
Sidney Pittman
Thomas Plummer
Rhapsody Pyles Drehs
Maya Quinones
James Rayfield
Sydney Reddish
Wendy Redmon
Allison Reed
Carolyn Rettig
Mimi Rice
Suzy Robertson – Thank you!
Vivian Rodriguez
Dawson Roebig
Jack Rummler
Anastasia Sabarsky
Ami Sallee
Annette Davis Samson
George A. Sauciunac – You are wonderful! We hope you have many more successful seasons…
Adam Scheiner
Jessica Schoenfeld
Mark Schofield
Tara Sheldon – Thank you for the extraordinary gift of “Flying.”
Jenny Shimmel

Deb Shoss
Matthew Shrader
Charlene Simon
Blake Smallen
Ward Smith
John Snell
Blythe Sobel
Amy Solomon
Joanne Stecher
Janis Stevens
Sheryl Stire
Don Straus
Ryan Sturm
Rick & Wendy Stutzel
Wright Sublette
Katherine Michelle Tanner
Margaret Taylor
Roger Telschow & Frances Gatz – We celebrate Flying and Sheila Cowley. Thank you for telling this story!
Hugh & Patti Timoney
Mary Torres
Stephen Towle
Elizabeth Trail
Marie-Claude Tremblay
Atim Udoffia
Lea Umberger
Ryann Underwood
Nestor Vargas
Lisa VillaMil
Lisa Vorreiter
Summer Wallace
The Walsh Calton family – Can’t wait until we can be back in the theatre!
Bill Ward – Really loved Flying yesterday.
Christine H Ward
David Warner & Larry Biddle
Andrea Watson-Canning
Wendy Whiteside
Dean Wick
Amy Quezon Wilde
Clifford Will
Dawn Monique Williams
Lisa Wilson
Emilie wood robinson
Lori Workman
David Wrassmann
David Wynne
Rebecca Yoder
Theresa Zacek



DeDee Aleccia & Hal Hultman
C. Todd Alley
Rebecca Apanovitch
Jasmine Arroyo-Towle
Matthew & Jessica Balkum
Blackbaud Giving Fund
Pamela Bulu – In memory of David, an irreplaceable teacher, mentor, and friend
Sam Burke
Theron Butler
Ashley Casper
Keri Clare
Sheila & Matt Cowley
Jay Curtis
Madeline Dent
Chrischelle Gourley Diasti
Azza Diasti-Kennedy
Robert Dibble
Connie Dorton

Nadia El -Yousef
Larry Frankel
Patty & Joe Giordano
F. Green & G. Lemons
Stephanie Gularte
Georgia Guy
Gail & Bob Hetler – In honor and appreciation of L. Peter Callender
Bill Hirsch
Nicholas Hoop – ❤️
Scott Janes
Nicole Jones
Jack King
Maureen Lamasney – In memory of David Frankel
Renee Magrane
Christopher Marshall
Michelle Menasce
Mark Murphy

Debbie Nouss
Toan Pham
Alexandra Plummer
Audra Rice
Mark & Carol Lynn Roman
John W. Rowe Jr
Willi Rudowsky
Sonali Saini – In Honor of Emilia Sargent’s birthday
Heather Serafin
Brian Shea
Jennifer Strawser
Kristin Vallely Tarpley
Nelly Tharp
Karen & Sergio Waksman
Jim Wicker
Dewey Wong, Jr.
Shari Zwirn – I’m happy to support these artists.


David Anton & Beck Ferrell-Anton
Concetta Di Piazza
Denise Dorsey
Pat Fenda – Keep up the good work! This too will pass.
Jim Frain
Handy Man, A.K.A Shop Hunk! – Thanks David. Your friendship and dedication will never be forgotten.
Julie Holcomb
International Arts & Entertainment Group
Lizzie Kehoe

Mary Kraack
Teri Lazzara
Cheryl Lee & Steven Dupré
Sandra Locher
Michael Mahoney
Sara Mahoney
Faraz Pasha
Amar Reganti
Melissa Ryan
Jim Sorensen & Natalie Symons
Ursula Strahm
The Watson-Cannings


Elizabeth Corwin
Larry Corwin
Peggy Huey – ECMC Education matching donation
Megan Lamasney
Nancy Leach
George Marshall
Yannis Papadakis
The Spataro Family
Lonni Kehoe


Ned & Jo Averill-Snell
Lonni Kehoe
John King
Connie LaMarca-Frankel
Paul Potenza – Peace and love
Emilia Sargent
Chris & Jill Sketch – Best of luck!!


Russell Buchan – For KING  Lear
Andrea Graham – Good for you!
Robin Gordon & Ned Schroering – For the production of KING LEAR


Hal Freedman & Willi Rudowsky
George Hugh
Frank Taylor

Donor Levels

$1 – $99: SUPPORT

Special thanks on our website and in programs for the current season.

$100-$249:  UPHOLD

All of the above and two complimentary concession items at each performance the current season.

$250-$499:  ADVANCE

All of the above, plus 10% discount on tickets.

$500 – $999:  PROPEL

All of the above, plus two tickets to a performance.
* The value of the tickets is $80. Any contribution above that amount is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Sponsor Levels

Sponsors are recognized on show promotions, including programs, fliers, lobby signage, in the curtain speech, in the press release, and on our website and social media. Contact us to learn more about how you can become a sponsor. 

$1,000 – $2,499:  PRESERVE

All of the above, plus invite two guests to accompany you to a performance and invitation to a first-read rehearsal of a season play of your choosing.
* The value of the tickets is $160. Any contribution above that amount is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

$2,500 – $4,999:  SUSTAIN – Supporting Sponsor

All of the above, plus recognition as a Supporting Sponsor for a single production in the current season. Additionally, invite six guests to accompany you to opening night or a performance of your choice, and receive priority ticket reservations to opening night of the sponsored production.
* The value of the tickets is $320. Any contribution above that amount is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

$5,000 – $9,999:  THRIVE – Production Sponsor

All of the above, plus recognition as the Production Sponsor for a single production in the current season with name or logo (with or without link to an external website) placed on the TampaRep website. Additionally, invite eight guests to accompany you to a performance.
* The value of the tickets is $400. Any contribution above that amount is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

$10,000+: ENDURE – Season Sponsor

All of the above, plus recognition as a Season Sponsor for ALL TampaRep productions and events in the sponsored season. Invite ten guests to accompany you to performances throughout the season (additional tickets will be provided to sponsors whose generosity exceeds $10,000).
*The value of twelve tickets is $480. Any contribution above that amount is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

$25,000+: ENVISION – Foundation Sponsor

The foundation of any non-profit is the mission, the values, and the vision of the organization. Sponsors at this exceptional level are committed to those ideas, and to ensuring the future of TampaRep and its place in – and impact on – the community.
Donors at this level of giving will be recognized in perpetuity for their foresight and vision.
Plus all benefits associated with Endure.
*The value of twelve tickets is $480. Any contribution above that amount is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Tampa Repertory Theatre operates as a non-profit professional theatre and is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, registration # CH43726. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll-free (800-435-7352) within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. U.S. Federal Tax ID number is 45-2408329.


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