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The Iceman Cometh



Eugene O’Neill’s landmark American drama The Iceman Cometh comes to Studio 120 on the University of South Florida campus from June 16 to July 3.

Set in a tavern and flophouse in New York City’s then-grubby Greenwich Village in 1912, The Iceman Cometh studies a collection of broken, lost men and women, and the salesman who arrives with a perverse pitch to save each of them from themselves. It’s a story of hope and regret, of how the lies people tell themselves can both sustain and destroy them.

Said one critic of the latest revival: “Iceman flies by like a rollercoaster ride of thrilling comedic highs and stomach-churning lows.”

The large TampaRep cast features some of Tampa’s finest actors, including Ned Averill-Snell (TampaRep’s Betrayal, Jobsite Theater’s Lebensraum), Michael Mahoney (Proof at Gypsy Stage Repertory), Jack Holloway (TampaRep’s Hamlet and True West), Jordan Foote (American Stage’s One Slight Hitch), Josh Goff (American Stage’s Jitney), young Nick Hoop (Jobsite’s Silence: The Musical) in the challenging role of Don Parritt, and many more, directed by TampaRep’s artistic director, C. David Frankel (Inherit the Wind — a co-production with Stageworks, Betrayal, and others).


Empty Bottles, Empty Dreams: The Iceman, Alcohol, and O’Neill:

Join us June 27th at 7:30pm in Studio 120 for a talk with Professor Steven Bloom and members of the cast of The Iceman Cometh.

Meet the Cast.

Behind the scenes in rehearsals…