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It’s three plays in one: Turquoise, by Obie Award-winning playwright, Deb Margolin. With themes of memory, love, symbiosis, and mortality, this award-winning playwright has woven a story that reflects on the simultaneity of everything.  Turquoise captures the hearts and minds of the audience with simplicity and hilarious, quick-volleying dialogue.  The story follows three couples: an aging married couple dealing with old memories and their loss, two teenage boys just developing their memories and learning to bear them, and a pianist with a seven-second memory who dances with, meets, then repeatedly loses his companion over and over.

“The central metaphor of the play is the postulation of the existence of the Higgs boson. Particle physicists have newly posited the presence of an energy field said to contain and hold together the entire universe . . . something about it seemed so true in regards to human existence . . . The architectures of the universe, mystical though most still are, are evident in the simplest aspects of human composition. . . . Turquoise aims to explore aspects of this universe as they engrave themselves on the human spirit, in love, in death, in simple acts of memory and kindness.” – Deb Margolin

Monday, April 16th, in the CL Space, 1911 N. 13th Street, Tampa.  7:30pm Curtain. Tickets are $10.  There will be a discussion afterwards, so please plan to stick around for a bit.

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