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White People

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Racism is not a new issue in our country; in fact, it is one of the oldest issues in this country. J.T. Rogers, in his play White People, examines the question of race but not from the usual direction. Rogers’ asks, what is it to be white in America today? We all live with each other and yet it is by the color of skin that we so readily define another person. Many try to rise above such things but racism is a cancer that knows no boundaries or limitations. It extends beyond economic, educational and socialboundaries. Rogers looks at the changing world of America, soon will not be defined as a “white” majority but instead become a “white” minority. His characters ask questions of their place in this changing demographics, is there a place for them? How will they fit in? At the same time, Rogers’ explores the historical root of racial inequality as well as attacking the notion that being white entitles one to privilege. Ultimately, the answer lies in being willing to overcome our past, to overcome the hatred, to begin, to listen, to talk and learn from each other.

Starring: Jason Vaughn Evans, Matt Frankel, and Dana Kovar.

Thursday October 3 through October 20.

Thursday through Saturday performances at at 8PM. Sundays at 3PM.