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Audition Sides



music by Brian Yorkey
book and lyrics by Tom Kitt
director: Emilia Sargent



DIANA GOODMAN (female, any race/ethnicity, 30-50)

DIANA Sides, Sheet Music & Tracks

A complex and multifaceted character, Diana is strong and resilient, vulnerable and fragile, controlling and manipulative and fiercely protective of her family. She is struggling to come to terms with Gabe’s death, and she is also struggling with her own mental illness. She is a deeply human character who is trying to find her way in the world. Vocal range G below middle C to high G -strong mix to a D.

DAN GOODMAN (male, any race/ethnicity, 30-50)

DAN Sides, Sheet Music & Tracks

Dan is a loving and supportive husband who will go to any length to keep up the façade of the “perfect, loving family”. He is exhausted and frustrated, and he sometimes feels like he is losing control of his life while trying to find a way to help Diana. A “good man” who is just trying to do what he thinks is best. Vocal range B below written middle C to high A full voice and to high D flat falsetto.

NATALIE (female, any race/ethnicity, teens/early 20’s)

NATALIE Sides, Sheet Music & Tracks

A bright and talented teenager who feels angry and resentful because she has to be the adult in the family. A young woman trying to find her way in the world, who just wants to lead a life that is “next to normal”. Vocal range G below middle C to high G – strong mix to E flat.

GABRIEL (male, any race/ethnicity, 20s)

GABE Sides, Sheet Music & Tracks

Diana and Dan’s son who died as a baby. He appears to Diana as a figment of her imagination. Or is he? Energetic, carefree,and charming, he knows that he is his mother’s favorite child and will go to any lengths to ensure that security. Vocal range C (written middle C) to high A full voice and high D (above staff) falsetto

HENRY (male, any race/ethnicity, teens/early 20’s)

HENRY Sides, Sheet Music & Tracks

Natalie’s high school boyfriend. He’s a musician, goofy, and a self-proclaimed “loner and a bit of a stoner.” He is Natalie’s security and the most solid person in her life. Vocal range low A below written middle C to high G full voice and high A falsetto.

DR. MADDEN / DR. FINE (any gender, any race/ethnicity, 30-60)

DR. MADDEN / FINE Sides, Sheet Music & Tracks

Two of Diana’s doctors (played by the same actor). Dr. Madden, a psychopharmacologist, is more traditional when it comes to treatment and is less inclined to take his patients suggestions into consideration. Dr. Fine is Diana’s “rock star” and far more practical when it comes to Diana’s treatment and more willing to work with her and her family. Vocal ranges low A below written middle C to high A flat full voice.

All My Sons