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Choose Your Price

At TampaRep, we’re a small theatre company that’s been around for a little over a decade now. We’ve had some amazing highs and, just like you, we lived through the pandemic, and wondered when we’d ever share the journey of live theatre again. As the world around us continues to change and grow and create new challenges and possibilities, we want to make sure we stay true to our roots: that we create transformative, relevant, and compelling professional theatre experiences – ones that the audience completes – in intimate productions that are innovative, provocative, and classic.

And the audience is the key to the experience. A bunch of actors without an audience is called a rehearsal: we want to bring you a performance. And to help facilitate that, we are rolling out our Choose Your Price ticketing model, which allows YOU – the buyer, the guest, the patron, the audience – to literally choose the price you’d like to pay to come see our performances. We have five options:


While still FAR lower than the cost of a Broadway ticket or regional touring house, this price is the closest thing to allowing us to pay our cast, crew, and creatives a respectable wage, and honor their time and talent. Ticket purchases at this rate help us sustain the theatre and make sure TampaRep continues to produce for years to come. If you can buy this ticket, please do.


This is the standard ticket rate, commensurate with other professional theatres in the Tampa area.


This is a suggested rate for people who may be on a fixed income, or have chosen to support our country through military service.


Intended for those who create or are learning their art or craft.


At each show, we’ll offer a limited number of tickets at this rate for patrons who wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket under any other circumstance. We want to make sure there is a very low barrier of entry  so that everyone can experience quality, professional storytelling.


If you’re in a financial position where $12 is too much, but you want to come see live theatre – write us an email at info@tamparep.org and let us know what’s up. We’ll work with you.

The fact is, live theatre is expensive to produce. It employs not only the actors you see on stage, but also the behind-the-scenes creatives that direct the show, design the lights, sets, and costumes, craft and create everything you see on the stage, and of course the people who herd all of the proverbial “cats”, who make sure everything runs smoothly backstage, in the box office, on the website, and in the administrative offices. And that’s not even taking into account the materials and supplies needed to create each unique theatrical experience.

If we were able to sell out every house at the TRUE TICKET level, we might not have to ask for help. But that’s not the case, and luckily, there are some people and organizations in the community that have stepped up.

Specifically, we are grateful to

our Season Sponsor The Gobioff Foundation and
our Ticketing Sponsor Russell Buchan

who are helping us to be able to offer this Choose Your Price ticketing model.
And the individual Show Sponsors, Supporting Sponsors, and Artist Sponsors who make each individual production possible:

The Board of Directors of PreSchool Experience Inc.
Hillsborough County Board of Count Commissioners
The Florida Division of Arts and Culture
Lab Athletics
Frank Taylor
George Hugh
The University of Tampa Physicians Assistant Program

StageWorks Theatre
Hal Freedman & Willi Rudowsky
Alfred T. May

Brian Reale & Fred Wilcox

Andrea Graham & Geoff Simon
Gail & Bob Hetler
Chris & Briget Hart
Jeff Sargent
The Kehoe Family
Matt & Mary Gordon
Robin Gordon & Ned Schroering
Jill & Chris Sketch

and Victor & Sharon Gardner

have all chosen to sponsor elements of this or past seasons to support our work. These people see the value in bringing the community together through shared experiences, and we hope you’ll join them as a donor or an audience member.

Support TampaRep with a quick donation: Text TAMPAREP to 44321