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Iceman Cast

Get ready for an epic adventure in theatre with an outstanding cast —

The Iceman Cometh, Eugene O’Neill’s masterpiece, opens on June 16th:

The Cast

(in order of appearance)

HARRY HOPE, proprietor of a saloon and rooming house* Ernie Rowland
ED MOSHER, Hope’s brother-in-law, one-time circus man* Jack Holloway
PAT McGLOIN, one-time Police Lieutenant* Jason Vaughan Evans
WILLIE OBAN, a Harvard Law School alumnus* Jordan Foote
JOE MOTT, one-time proprietor of a Negro gambling house Josh Goff
PIET WETJOEN (“THE GENERAL”), one-time leader of a Boer commando* Tom Crutcher
CECIL LEWIS (“THE CAPTAIN”), one-time Captain of British infantry* Hugh Timony
JAMES CAMERON (“JIMMY TOMORROW”), one-time Boer War correspondent* Slake Counts
HUGO KALMAR, one-time editor of Anarchist periodicals Randy Rosenthal
LARRY SLADE, one-time Syndicalist-Anarchist* Michael Mahoney
ROCKY PIOGGI, night bartender* Cornelio Aguilara
PEARL* Cassidy Brooks
MARGIE*          —street walkers Sarah Pullman-Atanacio
CORA Erin Foster
CHUCK MORELLO, day bartender* Sam Burke
THEODORE HICKMAN (HICKEY), a hardware salesman Ned Averill-Snell
MORAN Rick Stutzel
LIEB Philip Lopez