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Imagining Madoff

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Bernie in Sol's Face

Jim Wicker, Joanna Sycz, and C. David Frankel as Bernie Madoff, Madoff’s Secretary, and Solomon Galkin (photo by Désirée Fantal)

Imagining Madoff is Theatre Tampa Bay Recommended!

In Imagining Madoff,  Deborah Margolin creates a searing and amusing exploration of guilt, greed and faith, through the imagined meeting of Bernie Madoff, Ponzi-schemer par excellence, and Solomon Galkin – poet, philosopher, and Holocaust survivor.  The play moves in time and space from Madoff’s prison cell to Galkin’s study, and includes side trips to the SEC where one of Madoff’s secretaries testifies before the commission.  Margolin creates “a roller coaster ride of emotions filled with passionate characters and funny, powerful, and shocking dialogue.”
“. . . playwright Deborah Margolin takes a speculative leap into the inner life of the notorious Ponzi schemer. The result is a bracingly smart and engrossing drama of ideas. . . .” The Boston Globe
“provocative and compelling.  .  .  Dialogue filled with startling and ambiguous imagery.  .  .  Margolin’s mature and intriguing script is a far cry from the shallow re-creations of cable docudramas drawn from public records and overly concerned with real events.  .  .  Since it’s a play about duality and betrayal, using characters renamed and unbeholden to their actual, demanding (and perhaps self-deluded) inspirations might have made the already eloquent “Imagining Madoff” an even greater triumph of the imagination.” The  Jewish Daily Forward
“. . . mesmerizing. . .Playwright Margolin has written a brilliant fantasy about Madoff’s labyrinthian stock market dealings.” The Buffalo News