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Tender Napalm


Tender Napalm horizontal

November 13th-29th, 2015

It’s vicious and poetic, violent and romantic. A man and woman are the only people in the world and their reality is constantly evolving, all depending on the stories they tell.

With seismic shifts and beautifully shocking language, Philip Ridley’s incendiary play explores the psychological and physical relationship between a man and a woman locked in an eternal struggle, as they break through to the truth.

Directed by Dan Granke (Bethany), the production features Derrick Phillips (fresh from his performance as Joe Cardin in The Children’s Hour) and Betty-Jane Parks (nominated for her solo performance as Flannery O’Conner in A Peculiar Crossroads).

Onstage November 13 – 29, but Tender Napalm will live in your memory much longer than that.

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