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The Other Place

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The Other Place

by Sharr White

Directed by C. David Frankel

June 9 – 25, 2017, Thursdays – Sundays

Studio 120, TampaUSF, 3837 USF Holly Drive, Tampa


Juliana Smithton, a research neurologist now working for a pharmaceutical company, experiences an “incident” while giving a lecture at an exclusive beach resort.  She sees a mysterious young woman in a yellow bikini, and that vision begins a series of disorienting experiences.  As her life begins to fall apart, she has to sort truth from fiction, untangle past and present, and discover how to face the future.

“By the end of Mr. White’s taut drama…the authority that Juliana wears with as much confidence as she does that trim suit has been stripped away, exposing a woman as fragile as a delicate piece of glass and almost as transparent.” —The New York Times

“White writes with great simplicity and discipline about a situation that defies discipline, defies neatness.” —New York Magazine (Critic’s Pick)

“…the slip-ups soon begin piling up in this 80-minute gem of a play until what’s real and what’s not collapse in a heap. It’s confusing and thrilling stuff.” —The Washington Post

“… a haunting drama … so cleverly constructed that the nature and depth of the problem isn’t revealed until the last shattering scene.” —Variety