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The Apocrypha of Theodore Roosevelt

Laughing Teddy

TampaRep at the Murray Studio Theatre:

The Apocrypha of Theodore Roosevelt

A special return performance to help celebrate the re-opening of the Murray Studio Theatre at Ruth Eckerd Hall.  Ned Averill-Snell recreates his amazing performance as Theodore Roosevelt, last seen in our production at the Tampa Preparatory School.  Now see it on May 29th at Ruth Eckerd Hall.
It’s 1918, and the four sons of former president Theodore Roosevelt are serving with the Allied forces in the world war raging in Europe. Roosevelt receives word that his youngest son, Quentin is missing in action. As Theodore desperately tries to learn more about Quentin’s fate, he examines his own life to determine the role he may have played in the possible death of his son.
Written and directed by Steve Mountan, The Apocrypha of Theodore Roosevelt stars Ned Averill-Snell in a bravura performance.  This production takes place at the Murray Studio Theatre.

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