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Grounded is back on stage Jan. 19.  Only 8 more shows.

News from TampaRep: Grounded Earns Accolades

The first weekend of Grounded is over and the accolades have been pouring in.

Grounded is Theatre Tampa Bay Recommended and Tampa Bay Times critic Andrew Meacham called it “a remarkably sure-footed production.” He also stated that it’s “a war story that feels up-to-the-minute and uncomfortably believable. . . well worth going along for the ride.” You can read the entire review here.

Audience members have cheered the play and Emilia Sargent’s performance as The Pilot:

(Photo by Désirée Fantal)

  • “Emilia Sargent is outstanding in this role.”
  • “Emilia Sargent gave an outstanding performance. One actor and one prop will tranport you through so many scenarios. She definitely takes you out of the blue and back!”
  • “The show was great. Anyone interested in powerful theatre should definitely see it. Emilia Sargent rocked the performance.”
  • “This is a very powerful play! Don’t miss it!”

Grounded returns to the stage on Thursday, Jan. 19 and plays through Sunday, Jan. 22 — then again from Jan. 26-29.  Performances are in Studio 120 on the TampaUSF campus. You can find information, directions, and tickets on our website:  TampaRep.org/Grounded.

Don’t miss this chance to see an amazing performance in George Brant’s explosive play: Grounded.

See you at the theatre.

C. David Frankel
Artistic Director