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Congratulations to Lynne Locher and Ryan Finzelber!
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News from TampaRep:  Imagining Madoff Receives Two Theatre Tampa Bay Awards!


We’re pleased, excited, and honored that Imagining Madoff received six nominations for Theatre Tampa Bay awards (plus one for Betrayal)! We’re even more pleased, excited, and honored that Lynne Locher (Sound Design) and Ryan Finzelber (Lighting Design) received the awards in their respective categories.  Lynn just finished playing Lily Mortar in our acclaimed production of The Children’s Hour — for which she also created another wonderful sound design — and you’ll be seeing her onstage again in May in Silent Sky. Ryan has been designing all over town, and we hope to have him working with us again soon.

The Award Ceremony was lots of fun, and if you don’t know anything about Theatre Tampa Bay, please check out their website and consider becoming a member — it’s dedicated to supporting theatre in the Tampa Bay area.

Shooting publicity photos for Tender Napalm.
Get ready for our next production:  TRT2 presents Tender Napalm, by the hot British playwright Philip Ridley. It’s vicious and poetic, violent and romantic. A man and woman are the only people in the world and their reality is constantly evolving, all depending on the stories they tell.

With seismic shifts and beautifully shocking language, Philip Ridley’s incendiary play explores the psychological and physical relationship between a man and a woman locked in an eternal struggle, as they break through to the truth.

Directed by Dan Granke (Bethany), the production features Derrick Phillips (fresh from his performance as Joe Cardin in The Children’s Hour) and Betty-Jane Parks (recipient of the Theatre Tampa Bapy Best Leading Actress award for her solo performance as Flannery O’Conner in A Peculiar Crossroads).

Tender Napalm will be onstage at the Silver Meteor Gallery, Fridays through Sundays, November 13 – 29.  Tickets and more info are on our website


Emily Belvo (Karen) and Katie Castonguay (Martha) led a stellar cast in The Children’s Hour (Photo by Désirée Fantal)
The Children’s Hour, the first production of our fifth season, closed this past Sunday.  Audiences and critics hailed it as a moving, intense, well-performed production.  We’ve got three more plays to come (in addition to Tender Napalm), and it’s not too late to get a FlexPass (8 punches) or FlexPass Mini (4 punches).  Use the punches anyway you like — come to one show multiple times or bring friends.  It’s the best price available!

Bringing you exciting works like The Children’s Hour, True West, Silent Sky, and The Iceman Cometh makes all the work we do worthwhile.  It takes the work of a lot of skilled people — actors, designers, directors, technicians, and more, and every penny we make goes towards the production costs and to compensate our artists.  If you’d like to help us out — by volunteering, or providing special expertise (marketing, development, accounting, etc.) just email Jeanne Adams, our coordinator of volunteers.  You can also make a donation — check out the website to see what perks you can also get.

The best help you can give, though, is to come see our season of American Visions.  That’s what we do at TampaRep — bring you classics, both known and unknown.  It’s theatre that’s innovative, provocative, classic.

It’s TampaRep.

See you at the theatre.

C. David Frankel
Artistic Director