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Imagining Madoff is right around the corner, and we’re especially excited that playwright Deborah Margolin will be joining us for the first two performances on January 8th and 9th.  It’s a great way to start the new year.

We’re excited, too, about how this year is ending.  We proud and happy that Mark Leib, in Creative Loafing, picked TampaRep’s production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof as one of the ten best productions in the area in 2014.

(Nathan Jokela as Brick and Dahlia Legault as Maggie.  Photo by Crawford Long)
It’s a great list, with shows from freeFall Theatre, American Stage, Jobsite Theater, Stageworks, Gorilla Theatre, and the Straz Center, along with ours.


Jim Wicker as Bernie Madoff, Joanna Sycz as the Secretary, and C. David Frankel as Solomon Galkin. Photo by Désiré Fantal.

TampaRep also received a boost from the Tampa Tribune, in Joe Henderson’s column about Imagining Madoff.  What’s really exciting and important about this column, though, is Joe’s point that:

A balanced community needs so many things. Good schools, law enforcement, sports, transit and so on. Tampa has all of those things. But lost sometimes in all the noise about other aspects of life here is the role the arts play in the life of a city.

He goes on to say:

Around here, we’re big on building stadiums and other large monuments to indulgence, but we shouldn’t forget the smaller companies. We’ll always need the Straz and the wonderful productions it attracts, but as Tampa’s arts scene continues to evolve, there is room for more.

And that’s the point — all of those productions listed by Mark Leib as the ten best came from the small houses, and we’re proud to join them in bringing exciting theatrical work to the Bay area.

So bring your year to a happy conclusion by resolving to start the new one at Imagining Madoff.  The show runs Thursdays through Sundays until January 25th, with performances in Studio 120 in the Theatre Centre at USF.  You can order tickets and see a map on our website:  www.TampaRep.org/Madoff.

See you at the theatre.

C. David Frankel

Artistic Director