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Act II RehearsalIceman is getting on it’s feet!  Rehearsals are well underway and the show is finding those poignant moments that have made this play a staple in the Act III rehearsalAmerican Theatre Canon.  Get your tickets to see The Iceman Cometh portrayed by TampaRep’s exceptional cast.  Click HERE to book now.


As one review so beautifully said:
Act I rehearsal

“The beliefs O’Neill’s characters feed on — that tomorrow they will become better selves, that the mistakes they made are not irreversible, that they are still capable of loving and hoping — are the same ones that keep everyone from giving in to despair in darker moments. When these life-scarred men and women raise their glasses in jubilant relief as the lights go down, it’s hard to begrudge them another fleeting moment of release.”  – Charles Isherwood